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        • 鋁方通和鋁型材的區別
        • 本站編輯:杭州歐宏建材有限公司發布日期:2020-04-07 19:40 瀏覽次數:






        Materials used in different locations are mostly used for ceiling decoration, suitable for large-scale public places, such as airports, high-speed railway stations, shopping malls, offices and other areas. Aluminum profiles are mostly used in Zhidao industry, such as electronic assembly line workbench, factory workbench, machinery and equipment protective cover, safety fence, information fence, whiteboard rack, automation robot and other industries. Second, the material shape cross-section different aluminum square is divided into aluminum plate square and profile Aluminum Square, there are u-shaped aluminum square, concave aluminum square. Is through the extrusion molding, after the molding product hardness is good, the ventilation ventilation, has the good decoration function. And aluminum profiles are also extruded, can form a variety of different sizes of cross-section size, flexible and versatile, good applicability, mostly used in the mechanical automation industry. Three, the material installation uses the industrial aluminum profile fitting connection piece different although the aluminum square pass and the aluminum profile are aluminum material, but they use the profession and own characteristic, lets their own installation way to be greatly different. The Aluminum Fangtong uses the Keel installment system more, may choose the buckle type, the even tooth type, the multi-function Keel and so on. And the aluminum profile uses the matching aluminum profile fitting installation connection, the aluminum profile fitting variety, the specification is complete, satisfies the user not to belong to the different installation demand.
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